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    Penis enlargement exercise - learn different means

    Tantric Penis Enlargement Lessons

    We offer you three exercises to get the best results possible:

    Position 1
    In the kitchen you stand behind the kitchen chair with the hands on the chair.

    Try to bend slightly your knees and thrust the pelvis forward as hard as you can do not change the position of the knees. Then bend backwards. It is not necessary to be crude in this exercise. It is meant to exercise the lumbar area of the back and revitalize all the nerve endings at the base of the spine. This enhances the sexual power and strengthens the lower spine. Duration- 7 minutes.

    Position 2
    Cover your penis with oil (how to make your penis large) or some jelly and get your penis hard , hard as it can possibly get. Masturbate as good as you can for best pleasure, use the best way you like.


    If you cannot have control over the procedure, go straight to the third exercise. If you decide to go to the third exercise at this point then you must do the following:

    1. Return to position one, if you coped with your desire to ejaculate.

    2. Finish the lesson and do whatever you wish to do for the day or night.

    Doing the 2 pose helps you control your ejaculations and thicken the penis by extended use. The Penis needs blood to enlarge it. If you do this often enough, the results are amazing.

    AVOID EJACULATION WHILE DOING THE EXERCISES. You will probably be not able to avoid ejaculation at first. With repeated practice of these three simple exercises you will gain more and more control.

    Position 3
    When you have practiced the 2nd position for some time, place yourself in the chair in an upright position, and breathe, holding your breath for the count of 12, in and out, three times. The secret here is to imagine all that sexual power you have gathered during the 1st and 2nd positions is being lifted up the spinal cord as you take in the breath, and for the count of 3 swirl that energy around the head as a cool light.

    Do the same exercise for 28 times repeatedly. Ejaculate, if the you failed to cool yourself down with the breathing exercises. You will gain ejaculation control very soon, if you keep doing the above mentioned exercises.

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