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    Penis enlargement exercise - learn different means

    Recapture Your Sexual Vibrancy The Natural Way

    Recapture your sexual vibrancy the natural way I am a Swami.
    I have had numerous numbers men come to me searching for secrets of happiness with their partner. They complain about being no longer sexually attractive to others or about the loss of libido, or about impotence, or so.

    Surely it is so simple to answer all these questions, but casually, people will not look for the answers from the other side of the question - in other words - what is it that your potential partner desires in you, and can you make yourself desirable.

    I have given several techniques for sex to you so far, but one of the most important things I would like to explain how important it is to be attractive to the same or the opposite sex - human penis erection.

    In sexual matters smell means a lot, however is your most important sense, the test that most men fail to pass. It`s not about being clean, using after shaves or perfumes. Natural smell of the body is the best odor you can get and the one sexually provoking. This is called your auric odor.

    When the fast food appeared, the natural odor of the human body started to disappear. Such food makes your body and especially your sex glands, smell sour. It is quite repellent to the opposite sex and any potential partner.
    The natural smell is very faint. It is like the pheromone secrete of animals and insects used to attract their mates from miles away.

    Can you imagine turning that you turn someone on only with your natural flavor, even miles away? Yes, it is possible even for humans. This odor has your personal id, like a stamp – not depending on the chemicals from the bottles or the type of shampoo or soap you use.

    The next most important sense is appearance . A great number of men who come to me and ask why they are unable to find a mate for sex, look dirty and grubby, unkempt, disheveled and not groomed. Who would ever wish to be with such a person? Their teeth are not clean and their tongues stink and they smell bad. No partner would want to even get closer to these guys.

    Physical contact becomes most important. You got to have a good body that your partner would like to touch. But if your body is rough, lumpy and stinky, it would never turn anyone on. Your skin must be even and silky.

    Whenever you kiss or lick the taste of your partner’s body should be sweet, and good smelling.
    You wash away the smell of the soap and your body’s aroma comes through. Your sweat is what literally stinks, smells and tastes sour and salty. B.O can be also very attractive, if your body is clean.

    Do not miss the HEARING as the words that you say either please or displease your partner. It's completely up to you what to speak about , but please remember, it's what you say to your partner that turns on the sexual feeling or not.

    It is guaranteed, that if you take care of all these five important senses, you will surely attract someone sexually.

    Now I will give you the way how you can achieve the status of a sexually desired person. Your Skin is the largest organ of secretion. What goes in to your body has to be eliminated. It is this elimination of all the useless and junky load that smells so bad. It is not just body odor. You will begin to get rid of certain foods from your diet, so that you won't have to eliminate them through the skin.

    Coffee usually makes your body smell sour. The milk drinkers smell awfully too. Milk contains rennin, a completely indigestible substance to the adults.

    Milk causes osteoporosis and arthritis, not contributing to the bone mass with its calcium solutions. If you are looking for a natural source of calcium, try sesame seeds known as Tahini. A small serving of sesame seed can contain more calcium than a big glass of milk. Then, you body can assimilate the nutrients found in the seeds so much easily.

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