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    Penis enlargement exercise - learn different means

    Sexual Stamina


    For more than 2000 years , the Chinese Taoist new that the deers had a longer life and stronger sexual power. The Taoists realized the deer developed its buttocks by exercise when it moved its tail.

    The Deer exercises were developed for the humans. These procedures are assigned to help the human to promote human sexual stamina. There are also special Deer exercises for women, that completely differ from the exercises for men, are designed to rebuild the female hormone balance in a natural way, enhance sexual energy and to help women to look young and very beautiful, sexually attractive for men - are penis enlargement pills safe.

    The Deer exercise for men:
    First step is to warm your hands with hot water or with rubbing them. When your hands are warm enough, sit in a position with your legs crossed and touch your testicles with one hand gently. Put the other hand directly on your stomach. Massage the left side of your stomach 81 times and then repeat on the right side, moving in a circular way. When you are done with the above procedure it is time to start working on your anal muscles which also massage the prostate.

    Tightly squeeze your anal muscles and hold as long as you possibly can and then let go. Take a minute of break and repeat. Do this as many times as you can. The Taoists confirm that anal contractions help to massage the prostate gland and help the appropriate secretion. If you do it properly, you should feel wonderful feeling in the area of your ears when you relax.

    That's all for the Deer exercises!

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