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    Since the times immemorial the methods of body modifications based on tissue stretching techniques have been known to tribal peoples in Africa and South America, where they were used for lip and ear stretching, though the context of the surgery was rather cultural than medical. Now this is scientifically recognized and tested method for body modification widely used in modern medicine. Special tissue expanders allow medical specialists enlarge soft tissue in many kinds of reconstructive surgery. In orthopedics the stretching methods are used to lengthen the injured limbs. And by stretching existing living skin it is now possible to grow anew whole patches of skin to replace of damaged ones.

    Tissue stretching has been proven to be the ACTUALLY EFFICIENT method!

    Over many centuries the efficiency of the body modification practice through stretching skin and tissues has been well-proven by many native tribes in many countries of the world. The folk medicine of the local tribes has successfully used the technique to make the skin and tissue modifications the way it was desired.

    Hundreds of years of folk medicine practice to prove the method

    The examples of successful stretching and lengthening of human anatomy come from all parts of the worlds. The evidence of the effectivity of the sustained pressure method is available in plenty.

    The tribe of 'Hill People'(or Pa Dong Karen), also known as famous 'Giraffe Women' is, perhaps, the most world-renowned among all existing native cultures that indulge into body modifications by application of stretching. The tribe resides in the area near the borders of modern-day Burma and Thailand.

    In the context of the ancient cultural tradition of the 'Hill People' tribe, they have successfully practiced the stretching of necks of some women in the tribe for many centuries. The stretching force is applied with the help of a large number of ornamental brass rings that women begin to wear around their necks when they are still young girls that is around six - eight years old. The rings are progressively added one at a time. The process is lengthy and stretches over a number of years, but the results achieved are amazing and truly illustrative.

    According to the 'Giraffe Women' one lady has managed to fit as many as 28 brass rings onto her neck. So, that is the current record. However, most women of the tribe feel that about 20 rings would be quite enough and are content to stop at that number. This is a very illustrative example of the efficiency of the traction method - it manages to extend even bone tissue, if given enough time. If speaking about soft tissues, they respond much better and faster.

    More facts to prove the efficiency of the traction method

    Another example of successful practice of lip and ear stretching can be found in the Suya tribe that lives in South America, at the Amazon River. For some ritual spiritual and cultural reasons young men of the tribe pierce their lips and ears and in several years manage to gain stretching that equals to as much as 300% size increase in comparison with the original tissue size.

    The women of the Mursi tribe that resides in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia in Africa have practiced lip stretching for many centuries and achieved truly outstanding results. The size of the disk that can be fit into the extended lip implies the social standing and sexual maturity of the wearer. That means women with larger disks acquire higher position among the tribesmen. It may look scary and weird to outsiders, but the truth is some of the Mursi women manage to extend the lips so far that they are able to pull them over their own heads!

    By the continued pressure exerted by the lip disks, which primarily are worn to stretch the lower lip, even the teeth and jaw are forced to change their shape. Over the long term the teeth are gradually forced to arch backwards, completely changing the normal shape of the jaw. So, the natural conclusion is:

    If the traction force IS applied persistently over long enough period of time, the tissue WILL grow any way.

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    By making use of the exactly same physical principles that we have described above, a European specialist in general and plastic surgery Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., invented and developed the ProExtender. Though originally meant for clinical use, the Pro Extender has become the number one penis extension device in the world. It is guaranteed to increase the length and girth of any penis.

    By applying just for a couple of hours each day you can see ACTUAL results in several months. The shape of the device makes it inconspicuous enough so it can be easily hidden under clothing.

    The ProExtender applies carefully measured, very gentle traction force to your penis, which stimulates the cell mitosis. The cells, in order to relieve the tension, begin to divide and create new amounts of tissue. And your penis begins actually to grow!

    The perfect control over the amounts of both the time and tension that this amazing new device provides for you makes it possible to achieve optimum penis enlargement without risks of invasive and potentially damaging surgery. You do not even need to see your doctor about the application of this revolutionary gadget!

    Why waist time? Think about trying the ProExtender right away! ANOTHER GOOD THING ABOUT PROEXTENDER IS THAT YOU DON'T NEED A PRESCRIPTION TO GET ONE!

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    Penis enlargement exercise - learn different means

    What Makes Penis Enlargement Exercises Popular? The Differences Between Masturbation And Exercises. Can Masturbation Be Turned Into Enlargement Practice?

    The quest for a monster penis seems to be never-ending. Different sexes are obsessed with this issue for different reasons. Male individuals of sexually active age groups need to be impressively well-hung because that boosts their macho ego, as well as for the better self-confidence and popularity with women. On the other hand, the female community craves for a big penis because of the plainly practical reasons - a larger penis brings them much more pleasure (provided, the penis is capable to produce a rock-hard erection, of course). A considerable number of sexology specialists dispute the centuries-old belief about the critical importance of the penis size for satisfactory love-making. They energetically maintain a different point of view: it is not the size, but the skill and stamina that really matter. Nevertheless, women, as well as the majority of male population, consistently stick to the old and proven point - the bigger the male hammer of love, the better pleasure a lady gets from love-making. They do not want to listen what the sexology specialists say. They firmly trust their own sensations and sexual experience. As one pretty dame I used to know used to say, a guy, in the long run, can find satisfaction with any woman, but that is not true for the opposite sex. Not every guy can satisfy a woman. Those of the better sex who have experienced the joys of love making with an impressively well-hung cowboy would never forget such an occasion and could even start looking for even better-endowed specimens!

    The concentration of attention on the issue of a monster penis explains the growing popularity of different penis enlargement methods and techniques: surgery, pumps, stretchers and extenders, prescription and non-prescription enhancement pills, as well as exercises. Nowadays several possibilities to enlarge one's manhood are available for the guys interested in the issue. On the other hand, not of all those methods bring actually efficient results. That is, not all of them really work as the advertisement promises. The methods are offered in plenty, but the choice should be knowledgeable and balanced. If the problem is approached with competence and consideration, the results are guaranteed to be perfect - the best penis enlargement for the minimal time and finance spent - be it exercises, pills or any other techniques of your choice.

    As far as the personal experience of actual users is concerned, it should be mentioned that, well, some guys claim they did find the best kind of penis enlargement exercise or method.

    In the first place, be aware of the fact that not all attractively marketed medications and gadgets for penis enlargement really do their job. That means that they do not perform as advertised. So, before investing your money into some device or supplements package try to find out how tested and proven this or that particular enhancement medicine or method is. Would it be good for your individual problem or objective? People tend to be different and their problems with sexual performance are different. If, for instance, penis enhancement exercises (are male enhancement pills safe) have worked just fine for one guy it does not mean they would be suitable for a man with a different problem and a different personality type. Some guys suffer from problems with low sexual drive and stamina - in simpler words they have lost appetite for sex. In this case they should not go for penis enlargement exercises of any kind, since their problem is different. Other guys suffer from the embarrassment of an undersized penis (in many cases they have not an undersized, but just an average penis size, but they are not satisfied with the way they were endowed by Mother Nature). For those guys it would not be recommended to spend funds on enhancement medication - that would be just a shame and sheer waste. Some actually effective method of penis enlargement would be exactly the thing they need. They would have, in fact, just two options to choose from - a penile extender (stretcher) or penile exercises.

    What is the difference between a penile stretcher and a system of natural exercises for penis size extension? Basically, they operate on the same principle. A pulling force (a traction force) is applied to the penis stem in a certain way, on a daily bases for a certain time. Why does the penis stem actually grow? The traction force applied stimulates the tissue cells to divide more energetically, in bigger numbers. That process results in actual growth of penis stem tissues, adding extra inches to its length.

    As you see, the basic principles of a penile stretcher device and exercises are practically the same. But in case you have opted for a penile stretcher you will have to attach it, adjust the force of traction and wear it for several hours every day. Some guys find it not very comfortable. Others prefer to apply a stretcher during the night sleep and say it just fine with them. So, you are welcome to experiment on your own. But you should bear in mind that a good quality penile stretcher will cost you money – and do not even look the way of cheaper, budget models. Your penis is a very sensitive part of your anatomy, so it should be treated with the utmost respect and care.

    As for the system of natural exercises for penis extension – you do not have to pay a cent for any gadgets (which could be potentially unsafe devices, in fact). It would be advisable, surely, to order online a special video training course on a DVD disk, or download it. A newbie needs to learn the right ways and practices of natural penis exercises – to get the most from the time one’s spends on the practical sessions and get the best results in the shortest time possible. Since the penis exercises involve application of pulling force to your penis stem with your bare hands (some lubricant, like baby oil or other, would be needed for a session) many guys consider the exercises as something similar to masturbation. Because of this some guys tend to look at the penis exercises with certain amount of prejudice. Well, what can be said in this respect? The exercises were developed with one objective in mind – the extension and strengthening of your penis stem, to make you a more confident love-maker! No sexual satisfaction was considered in the process. Nevertheless, if in the process of your session you get some relief and enjoyment – so let it be so, if you are not prejudiced against masturbation as a type of normal sexual practice. That will not hurt the final result you will get from practicing the extension exercises!

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